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Dear Colleagues,

As Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Drug Resistance, I would appreciate your contribution to our journal.

Cancer drug resistance is a major cause for ineffective treatment of cancer patients. Resistance is also a major reason for progression after earlier effective treatment. The cause for resistance can vary from patient to patient, from tumor to tumor, within a tumor, between cancer cells. Mechanisms for resistance include, among others, alterations in drug activation and inactivation, drug uptake and efflux, target mutation or amplification or poor pharmacology. In order to provide a platform for all these multiple mechanisms, we launch the journal Cancer Drug Resistance ( The journal will mainly focus on the above-mentioned aspects of cancer drug resistance as well as drug design, drug release and drug distribution. This journal aims to be an influential top-tier journal in cancer drug resistance and to reach a high Impact Factor within 5 years. We are also committed to building a free exchange and learning platform for scientists in this field.

We are preparing the inaugural issue which is scheduled to be published in early March, 2018. The first issue should be a milestone and standard for our journal. Thus, we solicit high-quality manuscripts. We would appreciate very much your input for this inaugural issue. Please let us know if you have a potential paper for us and can suggest a title. In case you do not have a subject or paper being available, one of your colleagues might be interested. Below are your benefits as contributing author:

  • Free to publish: there is not any publication fee;
  • Open Access: As an author you will retain the copyright to your work. By licensing your work under the Creative Commons Attribution License, articles can be re-used and re-distributed without restriction, as long as the original work is correctly cited.
  • Rigorous Mechanism in Peer Review: Our editorial rule on peer review is that one manuscript must be reviewed by at least two relevant experts. We will do our utmost best to ensure high standards for the review process and subsequent publication by establishing a team of efficient and professional reviewers and scientific editors.
  • Rapid Publication: we will do our best to ensure that accepted papers will be published rapidly with a high quality.
  • High Visibility: all published articles will be promoted on academic conferences, social networks for scientists, etc.

All types of manuscripts, including Reviews, Original Articles, Case Reports, Editorials or Commentaries are welcome.

Should you have any question about the journal, please feel free to contact me or the responsible Managing Editor (Dandan Yu of the journal. Thank you for your attention and consideration.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Godefridus J. (Frits) Peters, Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Drug Resistance
Professor in Pharmacology of cytostatics
Laboratory Medical Oncology
VU University Medical Center;
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
E-mail: ; 

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CDR publishes pharmacological aspects of drug resistance and its reversal, including drug design, drug delivery, drug distribution and cellular drug resistance. Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance also cover the cellular pharmacology of drug resistance such as influx and efflux pumps (including the ABC pumps), receptors and their ligands, cellular signaling pathways, drug activation and degradation (including Phase I and II metabolism), drug sequestration, target modification and DNA repair. Drug classes to be covered include DNA targeted drugs and antihormones as well as antibodies and protein kinase inhibitors. Both clinical and experimental aspects of drug resistance in cancer are included.

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