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Special Interview with Prof. Simo Schwartz Jr

Published on: 3 Nov 2022 Viewed: 117

On October 18, 2022, the Editorial Office of Cancer Drug Resistance was delighted and honored to have a special interview with Prof. Simo Schwartz Jr from CIBBIM-Nanomedicine, Vall d’ Hebron Institut de Recerca, Spain.

Prof. Simo Schwartz Jr published the article Perspectives of nano-carrier drug delivery systems to overcome cancer drug resistance in the clinics on Cancer Drug Resistance (CDR) in 2021, which attracted the attention of many scholars in this field. Based on this, the Editorial Office invited him to share some advanced development, prospects, and challenges that will be encountered in the field. In addition, he shared his motivations for committing to nano-medicine research. For junior scholars, he advised them to open their minds, understand and learn more information.

Details of the interview

Q1. In 2021, your team published an article titled "Perspectives of nano-carrier drug delivery systems to overcome cancer drug resistance in the clinics" on CDR, which attracted the attention of many experts. After more than a year, are there any new developments you would like to share with us?

Q2. How does nanotechnology promote the clinical treatment of cancer?

Q3. Do you and your team have any latest research that we can expect?

Q4. As an excellent researcher, you have been dedicated to the research of nano-medicine for a long time. What are your motivations for committing to this field?

Q5. From your perspective, what are the hotspots in nano-medicine and cancer drug resistance in the next five years? What main challenges will researchers encounter, and how can they overcome them?

Q6. Do you have any suggestions for junior scholars in this field?

Introduction of Prof. Simo Schwartz Jr

Prof. Simo Schwartz Jr is the Director and Board member of CIBBIM-Nanomedicine, a member of the Science Advisory Board of the Vall d' Hebron Research Institute (VHIR), and a member of the Science Advisory Board of the European Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory (EUNCL). He also acted as Science Advisor of ORYZON GENOMICS, SOM BIOTECH and CELGENE, member of the Advisory Board of The Lundbeck Foundation Center of Excellence NanoCAN (Nanomedicine Research Center for Cancer Stem Cell Targeting Therapeutics), Southern Denmark University, and scientific referee for the European Commission, the Swedish Research Council and the FWF Austrian Science Foundation. He is also appointed as President of the European Society of Nanomedicine and Executive Board member of the International Society of Nanomedicine. His research interests include new biomedical advanced therapies and nanotechnology-based applications for clinical practice.

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