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5th Annual Congress on Chemistry in Drug Discovery & Designing
Time and venue : April 16-17, 2018 Dubai , UAE
About : Drug Discovery & Designing is a global platform to discuss and learn about research Advances in Drug Discovery and Drug Designing, Computational Chemistry, Pharmacology, Research & Development, Anti-cancer Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Biopharmaceuticals and Radiopharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Industry , Traditional Medicine and Green Chemistry. Conference Series Ltd Conferences has taken the initiation to gather the world class experts both from academic and industry in a common platform.
Website : https://drugchemistry.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/events-list/anti-cancer-drug-discovery 

10th Edition of International Conference on Structural Biology 2018
Time and venue : March15-16, 2018 at Barcelona, Spain.
About : The Structural biology conference focuses on the topics Analytical Techniques, Computational Chemistry, Computational Methods and Biology, Molecular Modelling, Simulation & Molecular Graphics, Molecular Engineering, Molecular Design Software, 3D Protein Structure Predictions, Structural Bio-informatics, Drug Designing, Biomarkers & Proteomics, Databases, Chemical Biology, Biophysics, Genome Informatics and Cancer Immunotherapy.
Website : http://structuralbiology.euroscicon.com/ 

The 11th Annual Cancer Molecular Markers
Time and venue : February 12-14, 2018, San Francisco
About : Cancer molecular markers provide insight and direction in overcoming tumor drug resistance, guiding therapy, determining effective immunotherapy strategies and monitoring disease progression.11th Annual Cancer Molecular Markers (February 11-14, San Francisco) conference will delve into the hottest areas of cancer research and determine how the latest cancer biomarkers, including cell-free DNA, circulating tumor cells, exosomes, microRNAs, extracellular vesicles, can be leveraged to greatly improve the precision of cancer therapeutics.
Website : http://www.triconference.com/Cancer-Molecular-Markers/ 
Cancer Drug Resistance
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