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Acknowledgement to reviewers of Cancer Drug Resistance in 2018

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    The editors of the Cancer Drug Resistance would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere gratitude to the reviewers and guest editors for assessing manuscripts in 2018 [Table 1].

    Table 1

    Names of reviewers and guest editors

    Amstutz, UrsulaJansen, Gerrit
    Ahmad, AamirJiang, Zhao
    Balboni, BeatriceJoerger, Markus
    Ciriza, JesúsKwok, Hang Fai
    Cloos, JacquelineLink, Wolfgang
    Del Re, MarziaMarchesi, Federica
    El Hassouni, BtissameMatsuura, Yoshiyuki
    Fenton, TimMichaelis, Martin
    Fiandalo, MichaelMini, Enrico
    Firuzi, OmidNobili, Stefania
    Gan, BoyiNowak-Sliwinska, Patrycja
    Garajová, IngridPasternak, Amy
    Garrett, MichellePerego, Paola
    Giovannetti, ElisaPhillips, Roger M
    Gong, LiPore, Milind
    Griffiths, ElizabethRodriguez, Jose Antonio
    Huang, ShiliangRosière, Rémi
    Huisman, M.C.Wass, Mark
    Hussain, SulemanZaffaroni, Nadia


    Authors’ contributions

    Writing and revision of the article and approved the final version: Cancer Drug Resistance Editorial Office

    Availability of data and materials

    Not applicable.

    Financial support and sponsorship


    Conflicts of interest

    All authors declared that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Ethical approval and consent to participate

    Not applicable.

    Consent for publication

    Not applicable.


    © The Author(s) 2018.

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