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Special Interview with Prof. John F. Seymour

Published on: 7 Dec 2022 Viewed: 769

On November 25, 2022, the Editorial Office of Cancer Drug Resistance (CDR) was delighted and honored to have a special interview with Prof. John F. Seymour from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital & University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most common leukemia in western societies. On May 23, 2020, Prof. John F. Seymour and his team published a review article titled "Promises and pitfalls of targeted agents in chronic lymphocytic leukemia" in CDR, which has attracted much attention from researchers in the field. Based on this, the Editorial Office invited Prof. Seymour to share some knowledge and information on CLL.

In the interview, Prof. Seymour reinterpreted the significance and promise of the research on targeted agents in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, as well as the importance of understanding the mechanisms of those resistant clones and then exploring treatment options that attempt to reduce and mitigate the risk of development of those resistant clones. In addition, he shared the latest progress in targeted agents in CLL and the future trend of CLL research. In this process, he also introduced the project "Circulating tumor DNA to monitor treatment response and resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia" which he and his collaborating partners completed together.

He said that collaborating with highly skilled colleagues is a great motivation for committing to research in hematologic oncology. The Editorial Office members of CDR are deeply touched by Prof. Seymour's enthusiasm and seriousness for research, which will encourage us to cooperate with more world-leading experts and publish their views to promote academic exchanges.

Introduction of Prof. John F. Seymour

Prof. John F. Seymour is a clinical hematologist and Associate Director of Clinical Research at the Peter MacCallum Centre, and the Director of the integrated Haematology Department of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre & the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He is the Editorial Board member of Cancer Drug Resistance and served for more than a decade as Executive member and Chairman of the major national clinical trials co-operative group in haematologic malignancies, the Australasian Leukemia & Lymphoma Group. In 2015 he was awarded Membership of the Order of Australia, and elected to the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences for his contributions to the field.

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