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    Reduction of mitomycin C resistance in human bladder cancer T24 cells by knocking-down ras oncogene

    Osama Sharaf Eldin , Abdel-Motaal Fouda , Amany R. Youssef , Peter Hamilton , Perry Maxwell , Kate E. Williamson
    Aim: Mitomycin C (MMC) is a commonly used as intravesical treatment for superficial bladder cancer. However, its role in combination with ras inhibition has not been investigated. The aim of this study was to explore the role of ras in MMC-induced apoptosis in T24 bladder cancer cells and to determine the efficacy of combination therapy in vitro. Methods: We measured the effects of various doses of MMC on apoptosis induction as well as on ras, ERK and Ki-67 protein expression by T24 cell line using immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry and Western blotting. We also tested the effect of siRNA... Read more
    Published on: 8 Feb 2018  | Viewed:510  | Downloaded:35
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    Identification and targeting of CD22ΔE12 as a molecular RNAi target to overcome drug resistance in high-risk B-lineage leukemias and lymphomas

    Fatih M. Uckun , Sanjive Qazi
    Aim: CD22ΔE12 as an oncogenic driver lesion in aggressive and drug-resistant B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BPL) cells. The purpose of the present study was to identify the CD22ΔE12-specific signature transcriptome in human BPL cells and evaluate the clinical potential of a nanoscale formulation of CD22ΔE12-siRNA as an RNAi therapeutic against drug-resistant BPL. CD22ΔE12-siRNA nanoparticles significantly improved the event-free survival (EFS) outcome of NOD/SCID (NS) mice challenged with human BPL xenograft cells. Methods: Gene expression and translational bioinformatics... Read more
    Published on: 7 Feb 2018  | Viewed:354  | Downloaded:7
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Cancer Drug Resistance
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